Mike Penny & Doug McBride team up with Chattermarks

Originally hailing from Wisconsin, the Chattermarks have decided to break into the Chicago music scene by recording their 2nd EP atGravity Studios with Mike Penny and Doug McBride. The band has been playing together for just over a year and met through previous band and mutual friends. Although they are a fairly new band, the Chattermarks are pulling their experiences from previous bands to make a rock’n album.

What inspired their new album??? The band cites “love, pain, and all of the other craziness that life throws our way” as the driving force behind their songs. Although the band likes to write their songs as a collaborative effort, Monte (Chattermark’s guitarist) will often bring song arrangements for the band to work with.

We had a chance to talk with the Chattermarks about their recording experience at Gravity Studios.  “We spent a few weeks dialing it in with pre-production on Mike’s laptop prior. Mike Penny (Gravity) understood our approach, and his proficiency with pro tools, allowed us to be comfortable and efficient. Stellar engineer, and great guy. Doug McBride absolutely killed it on mixing and mastering as well. He was also a pleasure to be around”, Monte.

Stay tuned for the Chattermarks to be released on CD and digital in the near future.