Jacob Rego

AUDIO Engineer & STudio Manager

Jacob is an engineer in the truest sense. Send Jacob into the jungle with a screwdriver and some tin foil and he'll come back with a fully patched 60-channel console saying, "how about we track to tape?" This means Jacob will forge any route imaginable to meet, then surpass your sonic expectations. He is an audio expert. Jacob has a degree in Music Engineering from Berklee College of Music and loves Boston more than fish love water.

“It helps to be a musician when you are sitting behind the console as the audio engineer, because I was most likely in my client’s position about 10 hours ago.”


Random Facts about Tim 

  • has performed in orchestras, big bands, choirs, and even vocal a Capella groups. 
  • was originally introduced to Doug & Gravity as a client. The project Doug and Tim first collaborated on received airplay on Q101. 
  • loves laying down hip-hop guitar parts. He loves it so much, he's done session guitar work for artists Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa. 
  • studied Music Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering at University of Miami. 
  • has strongly considered changing his last name to Yamaha, both for potential inheritance reasons and to avoid future spelling errors on album credits. 
  • is often told he looks like half-Japanese celebs such as Sean Lennon or Devin Setoguchi. And caucasian celebs such as...well, really only John Cusack.