Herf Yamaya

If you live in a Lord-of-the-Rings-style epic, Herf is the mystic you consult before embarking on your quest. He can share the secret to defeating any beasts or spells the path may bring. A decade of collaborations in recording, publishing, and performing original music makes Herf the perfect consultant for your artistic endeavors. Every record is a journey. Herf can show you the way.

“There’s nothing like putting it all together— from infant conception to fully-blown, heavy-hitting track. Each person gives a bit of themselves to the greater good and the results are beautiful.”

Jacob Rego

Jacob is an engineer in the truest sense. Send Jacob into the jungle with a screwdriver and some tin foil and he'll come back with a fully patched 60-channel console saying, "how about we track to tape?" This means Jacob will forge any route imaginable to meet, then surpass your sonic expectations. He is an audio expert. Jacob has a degree in Music Engineering from Berklee College of Music and loves Boston more than fish love water.

“I remember when I began understanding how audio works, why tones respond and interact the way they do. It introduced a brand new world to my love of music and I never looked back.”