Sam Fell

Audio engineer

Sam is the man. He is the most senior staff recording and mixing engineer at Gravity Studios.  In session, Sam strikes a balance between his comfortable, laid-back vibe and attentive focus towards musical performance and work-flow. Although never a huge fan of school, Sam certainly does his homework prior to recording sessions so you can focus on just doing you. 

“My favorite thing about recording is the process of several humans coming together, each with distinct roles and ideas to create one artistic vision.”


  • has been a student of Doug since the beginning. Doug was one of Sam's teachers at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.
  • was the Sound Supervisor for the feature film, "Chicago Rot." 140min of sound FX and sound design. The drums for the soundtrack were recorded at Gravity. 
  • will be seen with a measuring tape for double-checking accurate mic placement
  • winner of Chicago Best Beard contest '13. Runner up in '12*. 
  • recorded an opera singer, a traditional South Indian Carnatic Classical acoustic/electric VEENA band, and a Radiohead-style rock band all within the same week. That was a fun week. 
  • rides a motorcycle
  • climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro in Tanzania while shooting a documentary about the non-profit org It Can Be Done, which drills for clean water in Africa.
  • may secretly be Rick Rubin's unclaimed son

*Sam was the only contestant in this fictional beard contest.