Pleasure’s Paradox – Crisitian Gonzalez

Pleasures Paradox

Pleasure's Paradox

Pleasure’s Paradox Singer/Songwriter, Cristian Gonzalez, came into Gravity Studios with a demo that was just acoustic and vocals. Our engineer, Tim Yamaya, helped transform the song Can’t Stop into an acoustic/electronic/pop sensation after two sessions. Take a listen to Can’t Stop and let us know what you think!

Check out Pleasure’s Paradox SoundCloud here.

Connecting with YOU!

Gravity Studios is trying to connect with YOU! We thought we’d jump on the bandwagon and start using our social media sites to stay in contact with our fellow musicians.

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Visible Music College Visits Gravity Studios

Visible Music College Summer Concert Series

Visible Music College Summer Concert Series

Last week Gravity welcomed Visible Music College into our studios. Visible Music College will be opening up a campus in Lansing, IL and wanted to celebrate with Gravity. Doug McBride, Gravity’s owner, and Ken Steorts, president of Visible College and of Madison Lane Records, spoke to selected students that are going to attend the college this summer.

Visible Music College will be opening up a campus in Lansing, IL and wanted to celebrate by hosting a free Summer Concert Series at their new location and will have local, national touring artists, and even talented students from the school performing at this event.

For more information about this event, please visit Visible’s Website here.

Chameleon Labs TS-1 MKII Microphone



Gravity Studios is excited to be using a new piece of equipment from Chameleon Labs, the TS-1 MKII. This is a small diaphragm tube condenser microphone that picks up transients extremely well. Given the name Chameleon, this microphone includes a power supply that can change the tone of the microphone from cool to warm and works flawlessly with all sorts of instruments. It is exceptionally versatile and doesn’t have that overly bright sonic qualities like most pencil condenser microphones.

Sample recordings:

Acoustic Guitar

If you want more specs of the TS-1 MKII, go to Chameleon Labs website.

The rest of our microphone list is HERE.

Tracking Theme Song of Bonnie and Clyde, “Bang Bang,” With Nico Vega

Photo credits to Rebecca Joelson

Photo credits to Rebecca Joelson

Gravity welcomed Nico Vega into the studio as they stopped in the middle of their tour across the U.S. just to record the theme song for TV-series, Bonnie and Clyde. Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang,” was dramatically twisted into Nico Vega’s alternative rock version by the imagination of their producer/engineer, Tim Edgar, and the help of our engineer, Mike Penny.

This theme song can be heard here:

Don’t forget to follow Nico Vega and Gravity Studio’s page for any more upcoming music

For more photos of Nico Vega at Gravity Studios, you can visit Rebecca Joelson’s Photography.