Doug Mc Bride

Doug McBride

FOUNDER — Music Producer, Chief MIxing & mastering Engineer

The Force is strong with this one. Doug McBride is a Jedi Master of sound, and Gravity is his temple.  As the chief Mixing and Mastering Engineer at Gravity, Doug has helmed the ship for the who's who of local, national, and international artists right here at his home base. 

I love being part of creating community, and finding a way to make all the moving parts work together.

Random Facts about Doug

  • is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter

  • definitely qualifies for Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 hours = mastery" rule

  • at 21, garnered interest from Atlantic Records as an artist.

  • recorded Veruca Salt’s hit song “Seether," landing the band a deal with Geffen Records. "Seether" was the first song ever recorded at Gravity.

  • spent two weeks with the Smashing Pumpkins, recording demos of what later became "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness."

  • was a member of the Bones Brigade skateboard team-- along with a young Tony Hawk.

  • once shared a manager (Michael Lippman) with roster mate David Bowie for two years

  • bought the first goofy-footed Snowboard ever made by Burton

  • lived in a treehouse in the Panamanian jungle for 3 months in summer of 1985.

  • owns a beagle named Banjo.