Daniel Farnsworth

Music Producer, Recording & Mixing engineer

Dan is dedicated. He understands that as a client, your music is your baby, and he treats your music with the same care that he gives to his own. As a music producer, Dan specializes in transforming early demos/ideas into full productions across any genre. Sometimes it's metal. Sometimes it's ambient electro-R&B. Dan is an explorer of the audio landscape, you tell him a general direction to travel and he will guide you there. Dan is a chill dude, although you'll find him running for a guitar in the middle of a session to get an idea down, humming potential vocal arrangements, or scribbling future "to-do's" into his notepad. This audio engineer does not have an "off" switch for his brain. 

“This feels like a place you just want to dive in and make great records at”.

Random Facts about Dan

  • was a student of Doug's at Tribeca's Flashpoint Academy

  • makes hardcore metal remixes of Taylor Swift & Miley Cyrus songs...until Soundcloud tells him to take them down for copyright reasons.

  • is a monstrous, shredder of a guitar player

  • enjoys watching airplanes land at O'Hare airport from hard to find, close-proximity locations. (Think Wayne's World...)

  • owns all of the original Godzilla movies