Don't short-change your music at the last step. 

Audio mastering requires experience, more so than any other part of music production. Gravity's mastering engineer, Doug McBride, learned from the industry gurus who developed the trade. Mixing since 1988 and Mastering since 2005, McBride is an audio industry expert himself. For over a decade, producers and bands have been coming back to master at Gravity because of the results. 

Doug has mastered the WARPED TOUR, Silversun Pickups, Augustana, Andrew Belle, Crowded House, Aluminum Group, Anna Fermin, and the Secret Machines, to name a few. Projects from all over the globe have been run through Doug's ears, mind, and mastering console. 

I like Mastering with Doug at Gravity for one reason. He makes my projects sound better.
Every time.
— Hank Neuberger: Producer/Engineer (Bonnaroo, Coachella)